General Terms of Business

In our terms and conditions you will learn everything about the legal and organizational framework of your membership at von!
Please read the terms and conditions carefully. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t understand something. We will be happy to answer your questions.

1. Registration

Registration is done online using the form provided. After receipt of the registration the participant will receive a confirmation. The membership process is finalized with the approval of the Board of Directors at the following Board meeting.

2. Contracting Parties

Contractual partner of the member is:

STELP e. V., Uhlandstraße 14, 70182 Stuttgart, Eingetragen beim Amtsgericht Stuttgart Nr. VR722335
Executive 1. board Serkan Eren

3. Change of your data or your membership fee

If your address has changed or if you want to change your membership application, please send us an email with your new data and your full name to:

4. Membership fee

You can easily transfer your voluntary membership fee to our association account in the time periods of your choice.

5. Confirmation of membership fee (donation certificate)

Donations and membership fees to STELP are subject to §10 b para. 1 EStG is tax deductible. .
For your membership fee you will of course receive a donation receipt upon your request.

6. Privacy

Don’t worry about unsolicited advertising: STELP uses your data exclusively for member support purposes. We do not share the data with third parties.

7. Cancellation

You can cancel your membership with STELP at any time. To do this, you only need to send an informal notice of termination by e-mail to